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Dick Mast is a PGA TOUR and Champions Tour veteran and a life member of the PGA of America. He serves as Director of Instruction and Golf Professional Emeritus at Poplar Grove Golf Club in beautiful Amherst County, Virginia.

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The golf swing is complex, but to play the game well, you need to keep it as simple as possible!

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See what our students have to say about Dick Mast Golf Academy

Taking lessons with Dick Mast is fun and also very informative, I’ve learned so much and improved on so many areas in my golf game , areas as  simple as alignment which play a crucial key in the swing and also different areas like impact or swing plane. Mr Mast has helped me so much and I’d  recommend him to anyone wanting to learn more about the game and  how to build a proper swing, he will change the way you play golf and you’ll definitely see the  improvements!  


Caleb B.

Mr. Mast changed my swing last year with one simple change, and I’ve played the best golf of my life ever since. I’ve always appreciated his ability to keep the instruction simple and easy to understand, giving me the best opportunity to learn and improve rapidly.  


Justin P.

Have you ever had a club to just desert you? Nothing is more frustrating than to have a club in your hand and have zero confidence in it. This is what happened to me. As a seven handicapper I really felt pretty good about my game, and then overnight my wedges left me. My handicap just exploded without my short game. Then I was playing with Dick and with a simple adjustment to my swing I regained confidence in my wedges. His eye for the problems in a swing and knowledge for how to correct it is nothing short of amazing.     


David Benoit

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